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Zoning - FAQs/Forms/Links


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expand How is my property zoned?

expand What Township approvals do I need to start a home business?

expand When should I apply for a zoning permit?

expand How do I apply for a zoning permit?

expand How do I know if my proposal complies with the Zoning Ordinance?

expand If the Zoning Officer denies my permit, can he/she be overruled?

expand Please explain what "grandfathering" and "non-conforming" means.
How do these terms apply?

expand How do I know what Zoning District I am in?

expand How do I make an appeal to the Zoning Hearing Board?

expand Where can I get a plot plan of a property?

expand Is my property in a flood plain?

expand What should I know before I attempt to start a new non-residential activity
in an already-constructed building?

expand Does a homeowner need a permit for a shed?

expand Does a homeowner need a permit for driveway or sidewalk work?

expand If a homeowner wants to attach a shed to the rear of their home, would it
meet the same accessory setbacks as a free-standing one?

expand Must I obtain a permit for even a small sign?

expand What is a Clear Sight Triangle and how does it impact me?

expand I'd like to do business out of my home. What do I need to know?


Business Privilege Application
39 KB
Cellular Communications Application Checklist/Transmittal
37 KB
Conditional Use Application
224 KB
No-Impact Home-Based Businesses Application
33 KB
Non-Conforming Structure/Use Registration Application
27 KB
Rezoning, Code Amendment & Waiver Request Application
251 KB
Zoning Permit Application
97 KB
Zoning Appeal Application dated November 7, 2012.
          Only the most recent application form will be accepted.
255 KB
Fee Schedule
190 KB
Plot Plan Guide
89 KB
Zoning District Schedule
170 KB
Zoning FAQ'S
123 KB
2014 Zoning Map
9.8 MB
Zoning Ordinance last revised September 1, 2014
33.6 MB

All files are in PDF format and require the Free Acrobat Reader


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